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One of our very favorite adventure travel trips as a family with teenagers was white water rafting in AZ (and it wasn’t on the Colorado River)! It was so much more than just an adrenaline rush (which we did get) and everyone in the family had an amazing time.

You know when people ask what your favorite vacations or trips are? White Water Rafting on the Salt River in AZ is always one that comes up when our family is asked. Camping, floating, riding rapids, and no cell phone reception. What more could you ask for? You can read ALL about the trip from start to finish here.

Photo Credit: Brent Denys

One of the things that made our trip incredible was our river guide Glenn. He’s been a guide for over 40 years and knows the river (this one among many others) like the back of his hand. We had such a blast and the team at Wilderness Aware Rafting (who also rafts in Colorado) takes care of everything for you including the cooking on trips where you get to camp.

Photo Credit: Brent Denys

We would 100% book with them again. In fact our 16 year old wants to book a trip with his friends for his next birthday!


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