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CVT Rooftop Tent

I think our desire to get a rooftop tent really started it all. We love camping but traditional tent camping was getting more difficult the more we wanted to get away from it all. Finding a good spot to set up camp, dealing with critters, dealing with heavy rain…

Right now we have the CVT Mt. Rainier Extended and you can read all about our tent here.

Leitner Rack

We initially had our tent on our 4Runner but once we got our truck we decided to start researching rack systems. We finally landed on the Leitner ACS classic. We loved the ease of mounting the tent, ability to mount accessories to the outside and inside as well as the ability to slide the crossbars to the front so that you still have full access to use the bed of the truck for things like dirt bikes.

F150 truck with Leitner Rack and CVT Rooftop tent

Electric Cooler with Solar Battery

Another thing high on our list to get early on was an electric cooler. We wanted to be able to store a decent amount of food without the worry of it getting soggy or running out of ice. We got this one on sale from Costco and set up a full battery system that re-charges using a solar panel during the day. When driving, we just plug it into the truck.

Here’s everything we got to complete this setup:


As soon as we saw an ad for The WaterPORT on Instagram we knew we had to have it and it does not disappoint. They even have a mount for our Leitner rack. It’s a pressurized water system that allows us to wash up, rinse dishes, or clean anything easily with less water while on the road. You add pressure with a hand pump.

This has been SUPER useful this summer with hand washing on the go.

MountainHatch Tailgate Insert

Our tailgate is a cutting board! We actually had a bed liner in the truck initially but had to remove it to attach the rack. Since we already took the bed liner out and wanted to sell it complete we decided to get a new tailgate insert and we were watching MountainHatch on Instagram. They ran a sale and we snatched one up. It does make it a bit slippery to stand on when wet but we love the versatility and extra flat surface when camping.

TemboTusk Skottle

We didn’t actually buy this one but Jared REALLY wanted one. He saw sweepstakes for one running on Instagram by Wanderhouse Outdoors and he won! We LOVE this tool and haven’t pulled out our camping stove since. We’ll be sharing lots of recipes using our Skottle.

Little Red Campfire

In AZ we are often under fire restrictions with no wood-burning fires allowed. A campfire is definitely part of the camp experience for us so we wanted a propane fire pit that was easy to travel with and that would give off at least a bit of heat. This Little Red Campfire works GREAT and definitely gives off more heat than some of the others we’ve experienced.

Air Compressor with Extended Tubes

While definitely not the top of the line air compressor, we wanted to set up an easy way to air up on the road. We got an air compressor and then followed the directions that XPLR Create put out. We just did one side though so we can air up 2 at a time (their guide is for airing up 4 at a time).

Camping and overlanding gear we invested in first


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