Allison Waken


So many people are looking to camping as their first choice of travel lately. If you are new to camping, or just don’t have a ton of gear and wondering what you really NEED to go out for a weekend definitely check out this list!

One of our very favorite adventure travel trips as a family with teenagers was white water rafting in AZ (and it wasn’t on the Colorado River)! It was so much more than just an adrenaline rush (which we did get) and everyone in the family had an amazing time.

If you’re interested in hearing how All for the Adventure got started or want to know exactly what we added, deleted, or changed on our 2014 F150, you’re in the right place. This post will be regularly updated as we add camping accessories, make off-road upgrades, and improve our choice of overland rig to fit us.

CVT Rooftop Tent I think our desire to get a rooftop tent really started it all. We love camping but traditional tent camping was getting more difficult the more we wanted to get away from it all. Finding a good spot to set up camp, dealing with critters, dealing with heavy rain… Right now we have the CVT Mt. Rainier Extended and you can read all about our tent here. Leitner Rack We initially had our tent on our 4Runner but once we got our truck we decided to start researching rack systems. We finally landed on the Leitner ACS classic. We loved the ease of mounting the tent, ability to mount accessories to the outside and inside as well as the ability to slide the crossbars to the front so that you still have full access to use the bed of the truck for things like dirt bikes. Electric…

If you’re not at an established campsite with vault or even flush toilets what do you do? From finding a spot in the wilderness to a flushable toilet here’s a list of all your camping bathroom or toilet options so you can decide what will work best for your family and situation.

Ever since we first posted our rooftop tent on Instagram and Facebook, we have loved all the excitement, conversations, and questions it has brought up. We figured we’d try to pull all the info into one post to help answer your questions/curiosity or so you can just learn more about rooftop tents, specifically the CVT Mt. Rainier.