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If you’re interested in hearing how All for the Adventure got started or want to know exactly what we added, deleted, or changed on our 2014 F150, you’re in the right place. This post will be regularly updated as we add camping accessories, make off-road upgrades, and improve our choice of overland rig to fit us.

F150 truck with Leitner Rack and CVT Rooftop tent

Our Truck in the Beginning

This whole site sort of started with a truck. We’ve had 2 other F150s since we’ve been together and we missed having one. So when we were ready to get rid of our Ford Explorer we knew what we were looking for we just had to find it.

Since we knew we’d put some money into it making it our own we decided to look for an older model with decent miles. We found this one and knew right away it was the right one. We bought it in early 2020 and it had less than 40,000 miles on it and we’re thinking it was never even put in 4 wheel drive.

Here are the basic specs:

  • 2014 F150 XLT
  • 5.0 V8
  • 4 wheel drive with factory rear locker
  • 36 gallon tank
  • Front bench seat

Our Truck Now

After getting the truck we started adding upgrades and accessories to use as an overlanding vehicle. Something that could get us off the beaten path (our plan isn’t to go rock crawling or anything) away from the crowds and stay comfortably. We are the type of people who love to research before buying and adding things so we’re constantly looking to see what others chose to add to their vehicles which is why we wanted to create this full post. We’ll update this list and photos along the way so this will always be the most up to date list.

F150 truck with Leitner Rack and CVT Rooftop tent

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